Sliding glass door gunk

Before clean
Before clean, gross

My wonderful husband power washes our backyard concrete patio every year. (I don’t even have to ask him) After he is done, this is the aftermath of our bedroom sliding glass door. Ick, right? It got to the point I didn’t like opening the sliding glass door anymore, and we love fresh air. Especially this time of year. So I finally made the time, and this is how I beautified it…


  1. Organic All Purpose Cleaning solution, not diluted
  2. Squirt bottle
  3. Flat head screw driver
  4. Paper towels
  5. Garbage bag
  6. (Optional- cleaning gloves if your a bit of a germafobe, like me.)
  7. (Optional- protein bar, water… You may be here awhile)

Step A. Squirt your cleaning solution directly onto the window track (Wait about 5 minutes, for it to do it’s thing. Option- do a 5 minute plank while your waiting. Might as well get some core work in!)

Step B. Grab a few paper towels. Use your screw driver and paper towels to get down into the grooves (baby).


Step 3. Just keeping wiping, wiping, wiping your grimy cares away! Try to get the most of of your paper towel, use all of it. Let’s be responsible where we can.


Step 4. IF you want to go one step further, use good ‘ol toothpaste and a Q-tip to get into those nasty corners.


Step 5. Do a little jig, celebrate your clean windows, and open those babies up!!

AFTER Left side
AFTER Left side
AFTER Right Side
AFTER Right Side

I did take this opportunity to also shine both sides of the windows. **Also use this step by step to clean other windows in your home, easy as pie friends!

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