A disorganized home is dangerous

Could having a Disorganized Home be bad for you? Yes. It can. How?

  1. Fire Hazard. Due to doorways blocked. Also, papers stacked up act like fire kindling.
  2. Clutter can also be a tripping hazard. Too heavy shelves can fall on someone.
  3. Cleaners and toxins left unkept and out can be dangerous for children and animals, by accidental ingestion.
  4. Clutter can attract pests.
  5. Unorganized clutter can also cause allergies, due to built up dust and grime.
  6. Causes Stress- Not only is an unkept disorganized home hazardous, but let’s look at how clutter can effect your mental health. In a study done by Princeton University proves it is hard to concentrate in a cluttered home. The mess can compete for your attention and cause decreased concentration and increased stress. Let me share an example in my own life. When I was just starting out as a professional organizer, all our kids were still at home. Our son is the oldest and pretty much had the whole “keep your space clean” thing figured out. But I had two girls under age 4. They loved to play, create and make a mess. I had rules in our playroom that they could not go in until it was clean and picked up. A- Becuase it would end up a giant mess. And B- I found that my kids were more creative, happy and got along better when there was order. Go figure! Toys had a home and were labled with fun bright pictures. Maybe. Just maybe had something to do with my mood and stress level. But not just that, our middle daughter, very creative and loved to make a mess, announced to me (she was about 4) “thank you Mama for cleaning up” on several occasions. My kids are much older now. They are not perfect at keeping their areas clean, we are far from a perfect family (I’ve relaxed alot too). They have the tools to pick up quickly because there are systems in every room in our home. It’s not about perfection (I had to learn this the hard way. Still learning.) it’s about creating order and harmony in your home. Maybe you need some help. Possibly coaching. You are not alone. Ask me how I can help, don’t wait. Now is the time!(click here) Reach out now

Another great article, how a disorganized home is bad for your health.


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