Getting Dinner on the table. On time.

Is it possible to get a healthy meal on the table before the sun comes up for the next day? Yes. But you have to keep it simple. And organized. I work outside our home, so our busy family has to be efficient and really organized. Otherwise its Micky D’s to the rescue. Actually our kids refuse to eat it now. Something about me feeding it to them too much when they were younger. Or something. No actually, I am glad they appreciate a home cooked, healthy meal. How then?

Menu Planning

  1. Create a master list to create your Weekly or Monthly Meals. Here is my actual list, if you so please to use. Dinner meals
  2. Use lists of your choice

Are you really crafty? 

Or more practical (I mean short on time)  I really like this option, it is all in one! 














I also really like these options that add style and efficiency. 

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