Getting Dinner on the table. On time.

Is it possible to get a healthy meal on the table before the sun comes up for the next day? Yes. But you have to keep it simple. And organized. I work outside our home, so our busy family has to be efficient and really organized. Otherwise its Micky D’s to the rescue. Actually our kids refuse to eat it now. Something about me feeding it to them too much when they were younger. Or something. No actually, I am glad they appreciate a home cooked, healthy meal. How then?

Menu Planning

  1. Create a master list to create your Weekly or Monthly Meals. Here is my actual list, if you so please to use. Dinner meals
  2. Use lists of your choice

Are you really crafty? 

Or more practical (I mean short on time)  I really like this option, it is all in one! 














I also really like these options that add style and efficiency. 

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Kitchen Pantry Organize 101


How much more of a pleasure and less of a task putting groceries away can be, when you have an organized kitchen and pantry. It is simple to keep up once you form order. Simple instructions:

  1. Clear a large surface area to work on. Such as a table or clean counter
  2. Have (several) large Garbage Bags
  3. Have a Bag with handles for possible donate to a Shelter
  4. Cleaning spray and towel
  5. Have a recycle bin within reach
  6. Your new (and existing) containers can be off to the side. (using clear containers is key)
  7. Pull out every item. One by one.
  8. Ask yourself these three questions:
    1. Is this expired?
    2. Is it healthy for our family?
    3. Will we eat this?
  9. Toss it if expired
  10. Put in donate Bag if your family won’t eat it or it is unhealthy. IF it is not expired, that is
  11. Items you are keeping, set on counter or table
  12. Once all shelves are completely empty, spray and wipe down inside of cupboard doors first. Then wipe down each shelf starting from the top, working to the right
  13. Now we will start sorting. Items that are not used or eaten often, should go on top shelves. Unless very heavy or bulky. Items such as (if you must) unhealthy snacks, marshmallows, etc. Put them in the Containers that will fit items, and put away
  14. Then start sorting and setting in groups, like items
    1. Canned goods- sort by soups, Canned sauses, etc
    2. Boxed goods
    3. Baking items
    4. Oils
    5. Sauses, merinates
    6. Bagged items, chips
    7. Snacks
    8. School snacks (should be in own category, makes packing lunches so much easier!)
  15. Baking items, such as sugar, flour, etc, place in Air Tight Container
  16. Once every item is sorted, find the correct sized containers for each category. Place items in the designated container, and place on shelf. 
  17. Once items are in containers, you can move them around from shelf to shelf depending on height and convenience. This part of the task is much easier when your items are in the containers. FB_IMG_1454403326008
  18. Another option if you are tight on spaceShelf-Help_detail
  19. Or go vertical0338-lg (1)
  20. If you want to go one step further- Labeling. It adds a touch of class and function.
  21. You may find you have more food than containers, or you need a few more containers. No problem! Just reach out to me, and I can help. Simply set the leftover food or items on a shelf off to the side, until your containers arrive. If you need to exchange or return anything, I am happy to help!

And voila! PicsArt_02-03-01.12.08

Congratulations, you did it! I’m proud of you!! Take your own picture now, to show you are following through with your goals of a Journey to an Organized Home!

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A disorganized home is dangerous

Could having a Disorganized Home be bad for you? Yes. It can. How?

  1. Fire Hazard. Due to doorways blocked. Also, papers stacked up act like fire kindling.
  2. Clutter can also be a tripping hazard. Too heavy shelves can fall on someone.
  3. Cleaners and toxins left unkept and out can be dangerous for children and animals, by accidental ingestion.
  4. Clutter can attract pests.
  5. Unorganized clutter can also cause allergies, due to built up dust and grime.
  6. Causes Stress- Not only is an unkept disorganized home hazardous, but let’s look at how clutter can effect your mental health. In a study done by Princeton University proves it is hard to concentrate in a cluttered home. The mess can compete for your attention and cause decreased concentration and increased stress. Let me share an example in my own life. When I was just starting out as a professional organizer, all our kids were still at home. Our son is the oldest and pretty much had the whole “keep your space clean” thing figured out. But I had two girls under age 4. They loved to play, create and make a mess. I had rules in our playroom that they could not go in until it was clean and picked up. A- Becuase it would end up a giant mess. And B- I found that my kids were more creative, happy and got along better when there was order. Go figure! Toys had a home and were labled with fun bright pictures. Maybe. Just maybe had something to do with my mood and stress level. But not just that, our middle daughter, very creative and loved to make a mess, announced to me (she was about 4) “thank you Mama for cleaning up” on several occasions. My kids are much older now. They are not perfect at keeping their areas clean, we are far from a perfect family (I’ve relaxed alot too). They have the tools to pick up quickly because there are systems in every room in our home. It’s not about perfection (I had to learn this the hard way. Still learning.) it’s about creating order and harmony in your home. Maybe you need some help. Possibly coaching. You are not alone. Ask me how I can help, don’t wait. Now is the time!(click here) Reach out now

Another great article, how a disorganized home is bad for your health.

Do You Make These Organizing Mistakes?

Happy New Year! As we embark upon a new year, do you feel the urge to get your home and life in order? But are you going about organizing the wrong way? Spinning your wheels but not moving forward. Here are a few Organizing Mistakes that make your house look messy, brought to you by HGTV. Are you making these mistakes? See how to avoid them.

(click here) HGTV Organizing Mistakes

Here’s my 2 cents that might just change your Life. Well. Ok. At least clean up your Home a bit:

  1. Have a “catch all” bin in each room. However. There are some rules. When the bin is full, clean out & put items away, starting from the bottom. Clean out at least 1/2 (Goal: clean out the whole bin the end of every month). And NEVER put important items or papers
  2. Each family member (household member) should have their own laundry basket, named & labeled. Also a good idea to have their own laundry day. From beginning to end, before bed, laundry is clean, folded & put away.
  3. So your ready to Organize a space (or you’ve had and you must do something about it. Now.). Get your Tools ready. Have a KEEP bin. A TRASH bag. A RECYCLING bin. A different color TRASH bag (to distinguish the difference) for DONATE. Pull out the large bulky items first and sort them. If they are very large (blankets, large toys, pillows and you are keeping) just put them away. It is much easier to have less to sort and visually see items when those large items are out of your way. Then sort the rest of items starting at a focal point. A door or window. Round your way back to that door or window, in a circle of sorts, touching all items needing organized. When you’ve sorted everything, put KEEP items away, put DONATE items in your car. Take TRASH & RECYCLING out.

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The Morning Mayhem

Bathroom Counter Before (after the morning rush)

Does this look like your morning regimen? It looks like a hot mess! Seriously, is that a used tissue? Probably my husband’s. This rings true for all of us at one time or another. Where does it go after you are done? Or let’s be honest, later that day or even before bed, it gets shoved in a drawer (or left out forever).

Let’s go step by step:


1. Roll up all the cords & set the dryers and curling irons aside.

2. I use hair rollers, so put them back away & roll up the cord. Or use a Velcro cord holder. (I love those, they keep cord neat and still room to plug in)


3. Get your Container solutions out & ready to go
4. Put your curling irons & dryers in Large Basket on bottom

5. For my hair rollers, I put the clips in the Medium Basket
6. Next I used a Small Clear Container to put all my hair ties in
7. Put the Baskets under your sink, you may have to go around the piping and push the Baskets back of your curling irons are hanging out like mine
8. Viola! This took me less than 10 minutes. Give or take time due to amount of accessories. You can do it!!
9. Option: You can turn Baskets if your limited in space


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Sliding glass door gunk

Before clean
Before clean, gross

My wonderful husband power washes our backyard concrete patio every year. (I don’t even have to ask him) After he is done, this is the aftermath of our bedroom sliding glass door. Ick, right? It got to the point I didn’t like opening the sliding glass door anymore, and we love fresh air. Especially this time of year. So I finally made the time, and this is how I beautified it…


  1. Organic All Purpose Cleaning solution, not diluted
  2. Squirt bottle
  3. Flat head screw driver
  4. Paper towels
  5. Garbage bag
  6. (Optional- cleaning gloves if your a bit of a germafobe, like me.)
  7. (Optional- protein bar, water… You may be here awhile)

Step A. Squirt your cleaning solution directly onto the window track (Wait about 5 minutes, for it to do it’s thing. Option- do a 5 minute plank while your waiting. Might as well get some core work in!)

Step B. Grab a few paper towels. Use your screw driver and paper towels to get down into the grooves (baby).


Step 3. Just keeping wiping, wiping, wiping your grimy cares away! Try to get the most of of your paper towel, use all of it. Let’s be responsible where we can.


Step 4. IF you want to go one step further, use good ‘ol toothpaste and a Q-tip to get into those nasty corners.


Step 5. Do a little jig, celebrate your clean windows, and open those babies up!!

AFTER Left side
AFTER Left side
AFTER Right Side
AFTER Right Side

I did take this opportunity to also shine both sides of the windows. **Also use this step by step to clean other windows in your home, easy as pie friends!

As I embark on my new adventure of selling organizing products for everything in your life, check back often as I talk about other hard to clean/ organize areas of your home. Tips & tricks I’ve learned being a organizing guru for 10 years and professional (organic) house cleaner for 6 years. (If you would like ideas for the best organic, natural cleaning products, I be happy to offer advice.)

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