The Morning Mayhem

Bathroom Counter Before (after the morning rush)

Does this look like your morning regimen? It looks like a hot mess! Seriously, is that a used tissue? Probably my husband’s. This rings true for all of us at one time or another. Where does it go after you are done? Or let’s be honest, later that day or even before bed, it gets shoved in a drawer (or left out forever).

Let’s go step by step:


1. Roll up all the cords & set the dryers and curling irons aside.

2. I use hair rollers, so put them back away & roll up the cord. Or use a Velcro cord holder. (I love those, they keep cord neat and still room to plug in)


3. Get your Container solutions out & ready to go
4. Put your curling irons & dryers in Large Basket on bottom

5. For my hair rollers, I put the clips in the Medium Basket
6. Next I used a Small Clear Container to put all my hair ties in
7. Put the Baskets under your sink, you may have to go around the piping and push the Baskets back of your curling irons are hanging out like mine
8. Viola! This took me less than 10 minutes. Give or take time due to amount of accessories. You can do it!!
9. Option: You can turn Baskets if your limited in space


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